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JobEdges is one of India’s leading online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. We try to put candidates first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Everyday, JobEdges connect many people to get new opportunities. We have global employees who passionately pursuing this purpose and improving the recruitment journey through real stories and data. And also we help employers find not only the best quality candidates but more of them.

About Us


One-stop-destination for all Candidates in India which also helps skilled manpower to identify jobs on standard per hour rates and a single place where employers can find the right employees.


A centralized platform of Candidates from India where employers and employees meet and develop mutually beneficial association. It connects many people to get new opportunities.

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You will find all the live Jobs across India available here

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Credibility of the companies posting jobs are checked

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Processes from job listing to final selection are automated


As we know, job portal, especially in the present-day scenario, plays an important role in bridging the gap between the employers and the candidates. The qualified candidates search for a place where they can apply their knowledge and skills to burgeon in the professional sector. On the other hand, the employers also look for the candidates that possess the right talent, qualification, aptitude, and efficiency that can fulfill the vacancy. In simpler words, it is the platform where the candidates, whether fresher or experienced, and employers meet to fulfill each other’s requirements.

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